Best free tools and guide to become an expert in Graphic Design and UI/UX

Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.

You are going to learn the graphic design, UI/UX and also how you can make money.

  • 5 Free Online Graphic Design Courses
  • 5 Free Graphic Design Tools
  • 5 Free 3D Tools for Graphic Design
  • 5 Best Sites for Freelance Graphic Design Jobs
  • 5 Free Online Graphic Design Courses:

Introduction to Graphic Design | Kadenze

Steps to acquire any of the skills below:

This online graphic design course, taught by Ellen Lupton and Brockett Horne of MICA, explores the history of graphic design by examining changes in typography, publishing, branding, the avant-garde click:

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Diploma in Design Thinking: Download Resources

Graphic Design Specialization: Download Resources

Intro to Graphic Design History: Download Resources

Visual and Graphic Design: Download Resources

Applying Graphic Design Principles:

Graphic Design

Offered by California Institute of the Arts.

Here you can make Compelling Design, Learn and apply the principles of graphic design towards Arts …You can enroll for free.

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Online Graphic Design Tutorial – Design Principles | Alison

With this free online course, learn graphic design principles in the production process such as composition, balance, contrast, and hierarchy.

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Modules: Visual and Graphic Design Free Online Course – Revised | Alison

Learn about the design processes, key design elements, visual design and graphic design skills from this Visual and Graphic Design free online course.

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Modules: Design Thinking – Online course| Alison

Learn about Design Thinking in this free course. Topics cover design research, storyboards, prototyping and design rational.

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Design Articles & Resources

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The Vault – Nguyen’s Design Resource stash

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Figma courses

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Watch Here

Beautiful stock photos

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UX design refers to the term “user experience design”, while UI stands for “user interface design”. Both elements are crucial to a product and work closely together. … Before we consider the key differences between UX and UI, let’s first define what each term means individually

Design Resources

Important curated list of the best design resources handpicked around the web.

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Graphics Design

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Getting into Tech Resources

Product Design

Product design is the process designers use to blend user needs with business goals to help brands make consistently successful products. Product designers work to optimize the user experience in the solutions they make for their users—and help their brands by making products sustainable for longer-term business needs.

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Frontend Developer

Frontenddeveloper has one general responsibility: to ensure that website visitors can easily interact with the page. They do this through the combination of design, technology and programming to code a website’s appearance, as well as taking care of debugging

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Figma courses

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Freelance & Contract Remote Job Boards

 Best sites (categorized) for remote jobs.

1. Upwork

2. Fiverr

3. Freelancer



Dedicated Remote Job Boards

1. We Work Remotely

2. Jobspresso

3. Working Nomads

4. FlexJobs

5. JustRemote

6. Remote

7. Virtual Vocations

8. Pangian

9. Remotive

10. Remote OK

11. Skip the Drive

Tech-Related Remote Work Opportunities

1. AngelList

3. Authentic Jobs

4. PowerToFly

5. Landing Jobs

6. Stack Overflow


8. GitHub Jobs

9. Dribbble

10. Dice

One thing to always do is to filter on remote sites to drill down on your niche or how recently the job was posted.

We hope this really helps. Good luck!

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