Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott under investigation after Cops say NFL Star’s dogs allegedly attacked neighbours

Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs have got the running back in legal trouble once again, this time, cops say the NFL star’s animals including a Rottweiler got loose and bit two neighbours.

Police say three of the Dallas Cowboy’s dogs escaped Elliott’s Frisco, Texas home just before 9:30 AM on Thursday and attacked bystanders.

Cops say when they arrived on the scene, they were able to secure the dogs and put Elliott’s Rottweiler into a mandatory 10-day quarantine after they determined it had done the biting.

Police say Elliott was issued three citations for “Dog at Large” (one for each dog) and added the two people who were bitten were treated at local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Cops say they’ve launched an investigation into the incident, and charges could be coming depending on the findings of the probe.

You’ll recall, this is not the first time Elliott’s dogs have allegedly attacked people remember, Elliott is currently being sued by a pool cleaner who claims Zeke’s dogs bit her in March 2020.

In that case, the woman said Elliott’s Rottweiler bit her arm and dragged her before the 25-year-old’s two bulldogs began attacking her legs.

The woman claimed she had to have surgery over the incident and in pictures obtained of her alleged injuries, you can see it all looked VERY painful.

The woman is asking for over $200,000 from the Cowboy’s superstar in the suit.

Elliott’s attorney, Frank Salzano, had adamantly denied wrongdoing in that case which is still playing out in the court system.

As we previously reported, Elliott is SUPER fond of his pups his Rottweiler is tattooed on his forearm and he even introduced all of them to his followers on a Twitch stream last year.

By the way, the cases are both very similar to one Elliott’s teammate, Dak Prescott, had to deal with back in 2019, when the Cowboys star quarterback’s dogs were accused of violently attacking somebody in Texas.

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