Testimony-Claim: Singer MC Kevin fell from balcony after fearing wife would discover infidelity

The Brazilian singer MC Kevin, who was pronounced dead after falling from a hotel balcony on Sunday.

According to a testimony obtained by Brazilian newspaper Extra Globo, the 23-year-old was trying to avoid his wife, so she wouldn’t find out he was having a threesome.

The singer, real name Kevin Nascimento Bueno, fell off of the fifth-floor balcony of the Rio de Janeiro hotel on Sunday, with authorities saying Kevin was found near a swimming pool at the hotel.

The unfortunate incident happened just a few weeks after he married his 33-year-old wife, Deolane Bezerra.

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Globo is reporting that authorities have taken the cell phones of model Bianca Domingues and friend Victor Elias Fontenelle, who were allegedly in the hotel room when Kevin fell.

According to reports, Kevin and Victor met Bianca on the boardwalk before eventually taking her to the suite, where the three reportedly “maintained sexual relations” before Kevin jumped off the balcony to get to another balcony around 7 p.m. in fear of his wife arriving and finding them in the room.

Once help arrived, Kevin was rushed to the nearby Miguel Couto Hospital before he was pronounced dead. Victor and Deolane along with friends and members of Kevin’s production team all reportedly made statements to authorities.

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