Paul Hogan denies not leaving note on Venice home attacking homeless

Paul Hogan insists he didn’t put up a sign on his house warning homeless people to scram.

in fact, he says the house isn’t even his, and he has empathy for people living on the streets.

The “Crocodile Dundee” star was getting lots of unwanted attention after a sign was plastered on his garage that read …’THIS IS MY HOUSE NOT YOURS.

” Hogan is renting a $3.5 million house on the sand in Venice … an area that has been completely overrun by the homeless. It’s become both dangerous and heartbreaking to see people living in horrible conditions.

Hogan says he did NOT write the sign, although it’s weird he was seen with a red marker in his hand and the sign is written in red. He does say when he saw the sign, he took it dow

Paul calls the homeless situation in L.A. sad, awful and embarrassing. State and local government have done little, if anything, to curb the problem up to this point, and it’s become a full-blown crisis.

The 81-year-old Hogan has said he’s homesick for his native Australia and can’t wait for COVID-19 issues to be resolved, so he can leave L.A.

The sign is down, but the problem remains the same.

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