LeBron James saw ‘3 Rims’ due to eye injury in the Game-Winning bucket

LeBron James says he was damn near BLIND during his game-winning shot Wednesday night, explaining to reporters his eye injury had him seeing 3 rims.

The Laker’s superstar had been poked in the left peeper just minutes before he uncorked a 3-pointer to beat the Warriors in their play-in game at Staples and Bron said the injury was so bad, he barely had any vision when he pulled up for the big shot.

“The first thing I did when KCP kicked it out, I looked at the shot clock,” LeBron told reporters after his team’s huge 103-100 victory.

“The second thing I saw was three rims from being poked in the eye on that previous possession when I drove to the hole and then in transition. So, I just aimed for the middle one.”

The shot was incredible it was about 5 feet beyond the 3-point line and when ya factor in the pressure and what his face had just gone through, it’s pretty big time.

As for the injury going forward, LeBron was clearly fortunate to have escaped serious issues … ’cause after he was jabbed by Draymond Green on the possession prior to the game-winner, things did NOT look good for L.A. or its superstar.

But, LeBron with his eye clearly watering and swelling said after the game he expects to be all right as the Lakers move on into the play-offs.

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