Heather McDonald has says Melinda Gates screwed up by giving Bill Ex-GF pass

Heather McDonald thinks Melinda Gates will be getting it now that she’s divorcing Bill, but she can’t understand why she gave him that hall pass in the first place.

The former “Chelsea Lately” star hit up Craig’s in WeHo Wednesday night and she actually laid some of the blame at Melinda’s doorstep, saying, “You don’t allow this weird s*** to happen on day 1.

” Heather’s referring to Melinda giving Bill a pass to spend a weekend once a year with his ex-GF.

As Heather says, if Melinda thinks they were reading science books, she’s fooling herself.

Heather’s awesome funny but really thoughtful. She thinks Melinda hatched her divorce plan long ago possibly around the time Bill had an affair around 2000 with a Microsoft engineer.

As for Melinda’s future, Heather says it’s bright, with lots of prospects for getting laid.

She offers a little advice to plastic surgery, a party companion like her and there you go.

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