Lawyer speak out against decision not to charge officers who shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr.

Andrew Womble announced that none of the three police officers involved in Andrew Brown Jr.’s shooting death will be subject to criminal charges or any further investigation based on what the state bureau has detailed in their look into the situation.

We know that’s bull$#!t. The people in Elizabeth City knows it’s bull$#!t. Hell, there are probably some police officers who know it’s bull$#!t but they won’t dare open their donut-stuffed jowls about it.

But more than anything else, Andrew Brown’s family and their legal representatives know it’s some bull$#!t.

As they have continuously stated over the past several weeks, the Brown family lawyers vociferously clapped back at the idea that Brown somehow had attacked the police with his vehicle as he attempted to flee the warrant serving.

 NPR reports that Wayne Kendall appeared on Morning Edition to make his first public comments:

“What I saw on … his playback of the video did not fit the description that he was describing to the assembled press at the press conference,” Kendall said.

“He said that the victim, Mr. Brown, was using the vehicle in an offensive manner. And I did not see that. I saw him attempting to escape and the fact that he was shot in the back of the head indicates that the shots were coming from his rear as he was attempting to leave the scene. And I did not see Mr. Brown aim that vehicle at any of those deputies that were on the scene at the time.”

At this time neither the family nor the public has seen the full, unedited version of the body cameras and dashboard cameras that recorded the incident.

In this climate, it is a sign of both disrespect and potentially impropriety on behalf of the officers if the department is too chickens#!t to provide full transparency.

Kendall contends that the video clearly shows the officers begin shooting before Brown’s car is put into reverse to escape.

We hope the people of Elizabeth City make an unholy stink in that town until the police release the video.

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